Shopping in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is now one of the major tourism states of India and in addition to colourful culture and rich heritage, the flavour of crafts; handicrafts and other items make the place richer by other parts of India. Shopping in one of the main attractions that draws tourist to Rajasthan. While in Rajasthan, shopping is one of those activities that you cannot miss.

The bazaars of Rajasthan are so vibrant and filled with beautiful artifacts that the purposefulness of the tourists disappear as soon as they enter the narrow lanes and by lanes of these markets. Traditional paintings, blue pottery, clothes with block printing and tie-and-dye, stone and wood craved articles are a few items you should not miss while shopping in Rajasthan. View the best top items you should buy in Rajasthan below.

Shopping Places in Rajasthan

Shopping for Traditional Paintings in Rajasthan

Leather Shopping in Rajasthan

Blue Pottery In Rajasthan

Shopping for Textile in Rajasthan

Jewellery Shopping in Rajasthan

Clay and Terracotta Products in Rajasthan

While planning a trip to Rajasthan,make sure that you dedicate plenty of time for shopping. The shops and bazaars of Rajasthan is flooded with varieties of options that will lure every tourist. Enjoy a shopping tour of Rajasthan and take a little piece of heritage and grandeur back with you.

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