Shopping Tour in Rajasthan

Textiles of Rajasthan are popular all over the world, thus making it an indispensable shopping item. The hand printed motifs of Block printing and clothes made using the tie-and-dye technique in Rajasthan are some of the most popular names in the Industry textile industry.

Block printed clothes can be bought from various places in Rajasthan for an affordable range. The block printing buy includes Barmer’s Ajrak, Chittorgarh’s Jajam prints, Batik and Embroidery work from Jaisalmer. The best place to buy these textiles is the Gumanpura and Rampura Bazaar in Kota.

For more traditional and genuine hand-loom, visit the Kithoon village located at half and hour away from Kota. Expect to pay anywhere between ₹ 250 and ₹ 2,000 for these textiles.

The ancient tie-and-dye textiles in Rajasthan includes Mukaish work (decorating fabric with silver wire), Marori work (type of embroider that use gold threads which are stitched to the clothes with the help of a needle and Gota Work (involves a gold border that is woven into a cloth and is then cut in various shapes.

Tourists can buy the tie-and-dye fabrics from Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing at Jaipur. There are many other shopping hubs is Jaipur that sell the tie-and-dye fabrics. The C Scheme, and Naika on M.I Road, Rashid on Talkatora Road, Sikar House on Jhotwada Road and Ranas in Ganpati Palaza in Jaipur are places to buy great textiles.