Puskar Temple Rajasthan

Jagatpita Brahma Mandir is a Hindu temple situated at Pushkar in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Pushkar is full of temples, great and small, that is why it is called the town of temples. It has mentioned in Rigveda that there are 3,339 devtas (gods).

While Puranas has mentioned 330 million gods. Thus one can assume that there is one god on every three hindus. (around 900 million hindus on this earth). It is believed that Pushkar was on of the favoured places for Devtas to visit, which why a pantheon of gods have made there are then 400 temple in and around Pushkar.

Kakdeshwar Makdeshwar Temple Pushkar

The Makreshvar temple once stood at the bank of extinct river Sarasvati (now a subterranean rivulet). There is a rare standing idol of Gajanana. About 1 kilometer from Makreshvar lies the Kakreshvar Temple, which is 2.5 kilometers from Kanbaye. There is a white Rama temple on near by hill.

Nausara Mata Temple Pushkar

A temple of Hindu godess situated in Pushkar Valley known as Nausra Mata. The word meaning of Nausra is the godess who has nine heads. The temple gives a nice veiw of Pushkar and Ajmer as well.

Paap Mochani Mata Ji Temple Pushkar

On the northern hill site the temple of Papmochani (Sin absolving), housing Ekadashi mata. This is considered the best place to seek retribution for killing any living being. It is believed that Ashwathama, cursed by Krishna in the Mahabharata to roam the world for three thousand years, comes here annually to seek retributions. A panoramic view from Papmochani temple reveals the lake on the left and sandy mela ground on the right, Which leads to the vast desert plains of Marwar. Temple is also called Gayatri peeth.

Vaidhnath Mahadev Temple Pushkar

Vaidyanath is one of the four important Shivalingas guarding four directions. It is considered as the re-creation of one of the 12 jyotirlingas. It is located at a distance of 10 kms in north east of Pushkar. A melted road reaches vaidyanath which stops by large Banyan tree. Creating this atmosphere of a vedic vatika (forest). It has five steeped reservoirs, which overflows from one into another, which looks like a beautiful spring. This is one of the famous spot for picnic. Dharamshala here provided place for cooking and Brahmchari Maharaj provides utensils.

Vishwa Mitra Asharam Temple Pushkar

The vishwamitra ashram is secluded and inaccessible, located on Nag hills. One can reach here along track of a stream with large boulders. Legend goes that Vishwamitra aspired to become a Brahmrishi through penance. However Indra felt insecure and sent Menaka to seduce him and ruin his penance. Shakuntala was born of this union. She became the heroin of drama – Abhijyan Shakuntalam of great Sanskrit poet of Kalidas. Vshwamitra viciousness was responsible for suffering of righteous Harishchandra, kinf of Ayodhya. The king was made to beg alms and subsequently to lose his wife and son. Brahma finally saved the situation.