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Rajasthan Textiles

Rajasthan is famous for its vibrantly colored textiles which adorn the sophisticated boutiques and prismatic art and craft bazaars across the state. The basic cloth receives one or several of various treatments to achieve its rich blaze of color, including dyeing, block printing and multiple forms of embroidery and applique.

Visit Jodhpur to encounter the most intricate and interesting result of garment designing, the bandhani or tie and dye style of coloring. Basically parts of the fabric are knotted with minikin pebbles or grams, so that when the fabric is dyed, the knotted section retain their original color.

Heart-warming textiles, dyed in the bandhani or tie & dye style reign supreme in Rajasthan. Different methods are used to tie the fabric into small points producing different patterns like Lahariya, Mothda,Ekdali and Shskari. The best bandhani work comes iikar and Jodhpur, while Jaipur, Pali.

The women of Rajasthan haveembroidering fabrics. Embroidery practised in Bikaner is done by counting threads. The women of skar and Jhunihunu specilize in making patterns of animals. Chain stitch is popular in Alwar. Dancing figures. Flowers and peacocks are the favourite motifs.

Women of Barmer use mirrors, thus enhancino the beauty of the embroidered piece. In applique, different pieces of cloth are patched together to make a multicolouredmosiac. The exotic colours, shapes and pattern combinations against constrasting backgrounds catch the eye.