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Costumes of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the state of India which is full of colors in almost everything like festivals, costumes, food, the colorful spirits of the people to wear the bright colors of make up. The jewelery of the desert people are very precious and is not only considered as the ornament as it is the most precious possession for all the people of Rajasthan.

The costumes of the Rajasthani people are very colorful costume from head to toe like the turban, clothes, jewelery, and even the footwear that is worn by the people is also counted in the costume of the Rajasthan. The bright costumes of the village men and the tribal folks makes up for a place all colourful from red, dazzling yellow, green, orange to blue highlighted by the ornamental Gota or the Zari.

The attires of the females and males are depends on the weather and climate of the region. White Pagari (turban), angarakha, dhoti or pajamas, kamarbandh or patka (waistband) is the major part of the rajasthani men's clothing. The female attire includes Ghaghra (long skirt), kurti or choli (top or blouses) and the odhani.

Men's Costumes in Rajasthan

Women's Costumes in Rajasthan

Jewellery of Rajasthan

Footwear in Rajasthan

'Mojaris' or 'Jutis' are mostly carried by both the ladies and gents of the Rajasthan. The camel leather is also worn by the people as it is very soft in the texture. Rajasthan is also famous for wearing the sheepskin and the goatskin as it is stronger and is comfortable to wear outside. The shoes or the mojaris are designed with the embroidery of velvet or brocade. The footwears from Rajasthan specially from Jaiselmer, Jodhpur, Ramjipura and Jobre are famous in all over the world.

Pilia: A decorated Odhni with a yellow shade and central lotus motif coloured in red is termed as Pilia and gifted as a tradition from the Parents to their daughter on the birth of a child.